Lattice Systems LED Wallpaper Chandelier



Philosopher Hegel once compared architecture to frozen music. The Lattice System Chandelier is a symphony of lines and rhythms playing with the modular simplicity of a modernist aesthetic. Its angular rigour opposes its intentionally chaotic composition resulting in a balanced, yet never fully settled harmony.

Roll specifications:
Width: 625 mm
Height: 3,000 mm
Material: non-woven vinyl-coated with matte finish
LEDs: Yes
Crystals: Yes

Technical specifications:
Power supply: Universal World Traveller Design. Full range AC input.
Cable length: 3,000 mm
Cable colour: black or white.

Matching Designs:*
Charcoal Background.

Each roll is individually hand-crafted in our studio.
The LEDs are fully integrated into the wallpaper without adding any thickness to the material so that it can be hung like any traditional wall covering with the added requirement of an electrical socket.

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*Meystyle can only guarantee an exact colour match on the designs featured in the ‘Matching designs’ section purchased in a single transaction. An exact colour match can not be guaranteed on orders placed separately.

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